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Our personalized and custom-made designs are the staple of memories that last a lifetime. The work we do for our customers is from the heart and from a true place of care. 

We pride ourselves not only in our compassion but also in our easy order process, our top-rated customer service, and our attention to detail to make your designs exactly how you want. Whether you are having a special event or just want to customize a personal item for yourself or others, we are ready for you to put us to work! 

Unique Designs and Essentials is located in Chicago, IL, and caters to our local community --as well as country-wide with our online shop. We have a special place in our hearts for our community and to show our appreciation we offer special delivery and pick-up options, as well as rush orders for your last-minute needs. 

We look forward to making your special moment last a lifetime! 


We strive daily to fill the world with joy by making Unique Designs & Essentials the epitome of special and unique occasions. 


To make every occasion unique and special 


  • ​Be Creative & Unique

  • Generosity & Authenticity

  • Customers are Family 

  • Always Have Fun


Cherita is the CEO of Unique Designs and Essentials, LLC of Chicago, IL. She found her passion for creativity and design at a very young age. Arts and crafts became a big part of bonding with her mother and grandmother, as she looked up to their caring nature and contributions to others. She always had a love for creative projects and DIYs ever since. 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Cherita was unfortunately furloughed from her 9-to-5 and decided to take a leap of faith to chase her heart's desires. The desire was to bring happiness and joy to the lives of others by making their events and occasions special and unique.

Cherita found that one of the most difficult parts of this journey was having to try many things before actually finding her niche, and this took time and patience.  Now that she has found her niche, she plans to help others build lasting memories for a lifetime while being true and authentic. 

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